Any role can become consultative!
Any job role may become more "consultative" by choosing the behaviors that clients most highly value.

Do you call yourself a consultant? Do you appear that way to your internal/external clients? When you meet a prospective new client, what will show him or her in the first 15 minutes that you truly are operating as a consultant?

How is our approach to internal consulting different?

We focus on the BEHAVIORS that demonstrate consultative value to your internal clients and their external customers! Drawing on over 45 years of collective consulting experience and award-winning facilitation/training, Mike Kirkwood and Rolf Foster-Jorgensen can show you how your team may become more consultative.

Why focus on Internal Consultative Skills?

Do you or your team members struggle to...?

  • Get invited to the decision making process earlier
  • Move your client relationship from reactive "data retrieval" to proactive advisor
  • Recognize key political stakeholder roles and develop tactics to effectively implement change
  • Avoid premature solutions by client OR consultant
  • Effectively scope key phases and high-priority deliverables
  • Manage "project overload" with clearly established scope conversations
  • Negotiate and manage realistic expectations
  • Change your client's perception of the value of your capabilities
  • Diffuse and manage interpersonal conflicts by understanding and aligning with work communication styles of clients, managers, and peers
  • Build your value by tactfully opening your client’s eyes to unseen risks and missed opportunities
  • Recognize and respond to resistance and objections
  • Synthesize information into reports that your clients can immediately use with their executive clients
  • Create and test actionable recommendations
  • Increase your credibility and rapport with clients as insightful problem solvers and key resources for achieving their business objectives
  • Consistently sell your new role with new and existing clients

What benefits might a more consultative team accomplish?

  • Business and financial objectives
  • Group/Unit/Department prestige
  • Personal development goals
  • Career advancement opportunities
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Are you an executive, consultant, manager, or lead of an internal team in areas such as:

  • Strategy/Planning
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Management-Labor Relations
  • Technical functions
  • Systems Integration
  • Regional/Geographic branch
  • Business Partner
  • Channel Partners
  • Supply Chain
  • Board of Directors
  • Governance/Other committees