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Rolf Foster-Jorgensen

Michael Kirkwood

President Optimire Consulting and Training Inc.

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Besides owning multi-million dollar businesses, Rolf has been independently consulting globally since 1982 and facilitating since 1974. He provides e-learning and classroom instructional design services, and is co-creator and master facilitator of Internal Consultative Skills, with market intelligence emphasis. He has also designed, developed, and delivered courses in consultative project planning, project management, market management, complex solutions selling, customer service, and hardware/software planning. Rolf was awarded as the Facilitation Partner of the Year by a then $400M Malcolm Baldrige service award winning training firm. He also served as one of two Co-Chairs of the 2015 Americas Conference of the International Association of Facilitators. He is also among a select founding group of global Certified High Performance Coaches. See his associated site for access to his latest global offerings.
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President Michael Paul Kirkwood Consulting, LLC.

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Phone:(952) 472-4043

From a professional career in education, sales, sales management, marketing management, and product management, Mike in 1986 became a principal and professional consultant, facilitator and trainer. Mike has been a frequent instructor for Fortune 1000 companies across the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia. He serves as a master facilitator of courses in Internal and External Consulting Skills. While currently retired except for special projects, Mike is a founding member of the International Association of Facilitators.

International Presence:

Individually or jointly, Mike and Rolf have traveled to many diverse cultures and welcome additional opportunities for global consulting and training engagements. Countries visited include:

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